Hidden Lincolns


Is this an official Disney company Web site?

Nope, we are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way, shape, or form. They are welcome to hire us at any time they like, though.

I saw the name Lincoln somewhere. Does that count as a Hidden Lincoln?

We suppose it's possible that there could be a pure-text Hidden Lincoln, on a sign or window for example, but we have yet to see one.

May I write a book about Hidden Lincolns?

Unfortunately (for you), we hold the intellectual property rights to the term Hidden Lincoln and will be forced to protect it like rabid wolverines.

What can you tell me about the life of Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was a famous United States President who led the country during the Civil War, freed the slaves, got shot by an actor, and died. Beyond that, we can't say too much with authority. We're Disney fans, not historians.

In the Lincoln anamatronic exhibit, why doesn't Lincoln have a name badge like other Disney cast members.

Because it was stolen by some thoughtless guest years ago, and Imagineers didn't replace it for fear that it would encourage another theft.

Are Hidden Lincolns for real?

Obviously. We have photographs.

Where did you get the photographs on your Web site?

Most of them we took with our little Kodak digital camera. We also accept photos from our readers, and will post those that appear to be as authentic as the ones we took ourselves.

Is it true that the band Linkin Park was named for hidden Lincolns in Disneyland park?


Hidden Lincolns are lame. Why don't you look for hidden Mickeys instead?

Hidden Lincolns ARE NOT LAME!!! We can not emphasize that fact enough. Hunting for Hidden Lincolns is a dignified and honorable pastime, and if you lazy, thoughtless bastards with your precious "Mickeys" are so great, then why don't you gather yourselves up into a big Mickey-shaped mass and collectively blow your mouse-eared heads off with shotguns filled with mouse shot and stop bothering those of us who, although we love Mickey Mouse dearly, think that the history of this great country and in particular of the President that Walt Disney himself was so devoted to is of far greater importance than trying to decide if a water puddle, a fallen doughnut, and a faded paint splotch are close enough to a Mickey Mouse shadow to be "official." Besides, there are lots of Web sites with Hidden Mickeys and we didn't want to copy.

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