Hidden Lincolns

Type 2 Hidden Lincolns

A Type 2 Hidden Lincoln is a Hidden Lincoln that takes the form of a reference to Abe Lincoln's famous stovepipe hat. These are even rarer than Type 1 Hidden Lincolns because almost all of the examples we have found have been unverifiable -- that is, they were obviously accidents or were not in the correct "hat" proportions. Unlike certain "Hidden Mickey" sites that we won't name but that will say that anything that involves three near circles is a Hidden Mickey, we are only looking for the absolutely verifiable real articles. No "near misses" are allowed. But keep looking -- we need more of them, and they must be out there!

Lincoln wallThis wall is on the walkway between the Storybook Canal Boats and "it's a small world."

it's a small world exterior LincolnAnother Hidden Lincoln from Fantasyland, this one from the "it's a small world" building itself. This is easily the most visible Hidden Lincoln in all of Disneyland!

Not a Hidden Lincoln!!Just for your reference, here is a false Hidden Lincoln. It's not a real HL2 because a) it doesn't have a proper hat shape (the line across the bottom is too long and not attached to the white bar), and b) it's from Disney's California Adventure, and to our knowledge there are no HLs there.

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