Hidden Lincolns

Type 1 Hidden Lincolns

A Type 1 Hidden Lincoln is a Hidden Lincoln that takes the form of the former President himself.

Roger Rabbit Lincoln
Watch overhead while walking through the Roger Rabbit queue. You might catch a glimpse of a former President!.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lincoln
Once per hour on Pirates of the Caribbean, an animated President Lincoln appears to warn travelers, "Dead rebels tell no tales!".

Disneyland opera house Lincoln
This Hidden Lincoln was sent to us by a fan who found it while flying over Disneyland in a helicopter! No wonder nobody ever found it before! This is truly a spectacular specimen, and it is even more valuable because it is still recognizable despite obviously not having been maintained over the years, and it is directly on top of the Main Street Opera House where Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln lives! Fabulous!

Grinder LincolnDisneyland trivia buffs know that there is a little "grinder" figure in every popcorn machine in the park, and that every one of them is different. But how many of you knew that one of them was a Hidden Lincoln? This one in particular was located in New Orleans Square near the Haunted Mansion (hence the outfit).

it's a small world LincolnA Hidden Lincoln in "it's a small world" -- how appropriate!

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