Hidden Lincolns

Type 1 Hidden Lincolns

A Type 1 Hidden Lincoln is a Hidden Lincoln that takes the form of the former President himself.

Lincoln in caloeThis photograph was visible in the Disneyland 50th Anniversary exhibit. It has either been retouched or a Lincoln double was used to make it look as if the late President (center) had visited Disneyland and enjoyed the explorer canoes.


Adventureland LincolnThis Hidden Lincoln is part of the entryway to Adventureland from the hub. It's the skull in the back with the stovepipe hat and shaggy black beard. This one's kind of stylized so that it fits the look of the area, but it's definitely a HL!

Indiana LincolnA particularly interesting case, this is one of the few post-Walt Hidden Lincolns. You can just make it out near the ceiling in the large room of the Indiana Jones ride queue. When you enter the room, it's almost directly across from you and high up on the wall. Take a flashlight -- once you know where to look, you can't miss it!

Jungle bird LincolnWe had a hard time getting a photo of this one because of the lighting and the fact that we were in a moving queue, but this bird can be seen in the rafters of the Jungle Cruise, and it's clearly wearing a stovepipe hat.

Lincoln in caloeYou can't see this one any more, but fortunately we have a picture. Take a look at the eagle in this scene from the old America Sings attraction. He's got the stovepipe hat and sort of a feathery beard, but they're white. Is this a legitimate HL? No Doug buttonThe answer comes when you take a close look at the button the eagle is wearing. It says, "No Doug" -- an obvious reference to the Lincoln vs. Douglas debates!

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